Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trucko De Mayo

I attended DC’s Trucko De Mayo festival at RFK stadium on May 5th.  There were over 40 of DC’s best food trucks selling everything from Korean tacos and grilled cheese sandwiches to popcorn and cupcakes.  I was overwhelmed with the assortment of trucks, so many options and I could only eat so much (all the food was served in normal size servings so there were no sample sizes) and since I foolishly attended the festival by myself I had to have a strategy.  I decided to try two of DC’s most popular food trucks and then find a truck for dessert. 
I started at the Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck, voted one of the best food trucks in DC.

The line was one of the longest at the festival but it moved fast.

The food was so worth the wait. This lobster roll was sooooo good. I ordered the Connecticut style lobster roll with fresh Maine lobster poached in butter with scallions and buttery grilled bread.

My next stop was the Takorean truck, another popular DC food truck, which serves Korean BBQ tacos. I waited in line for 40 minutes.

I ordered three tacos, chicken, beef and caramelized tofu with all the toppings. Each taco had sriracha sauce, lime crema, fresh cilantro and sesame seeds.  I order spicy kimchi style slaw on the chicken taco and napa-romaine slaw on the beef and tofu tacos.  It looks good but I was a little disappointed. The meat and tofu were seasoned well but I felt the tacos were missing something and a little dry,  maybe more lime crema or maybe a fresh salsa would have added more flavor.  Also, each taco had two corn tortillas. So by the time I finished the first two tacos I didn't want to eat the tortillas on the last taco so I just ate the filling.  The food wasn't bad but it just wasn't that great. It was definitely not worth the 40 minutes I spent waiting in line.

My last stop was the Sweet Bites Mobile Cafe Truck.

I ordered two cupcakes, a red velvet cupcake and a double Madagascar vanilla. I love red velvet cake and vanilla cake with butter cream icing is my absolute favorite, so I had high hopes for these cupcakes.  I loved the icing; both cupcakes had a light and fluffy vanilla butter cream that wasn’t too sweet.  The cake was dense and not light and fluffy like I prefer, overall not too bad.  Of the two cupcakes, the red velvet cake tasted the best.  I was disappointed that the double Madagascar vanilla didn’t have a stronger vanilla flavor.  Overall the cupcakes were ok not the best I have ever eaten but not the worst either. 


  1. Great post! Love the pictures and the comments on the food truck meals! But I can't believe you stood in line for 40 minutes for food -- I would have never had the patience!


    1. Thanks Karen! Yes, 40 minutes was a long time to wait especially since the food wasn't that great. I should have followed my craving that day and eaten of the grilled cheese truck instead.

    2. LOL :)