Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Sushi Obsession

Fish and Chips Roll (top) and Spicy Salmon Cilanto Roll (bottom)
I absolutely love sushi. I started eating it about three years ago and after the first bite I practically spent the next few months trying to make up for the 31 years I hadn't eaten it. I'm not joking! I think I ate sushi everyday for a while. One of my favorite sushi places is Sei in DC. It's on The Washingtonian Top 100 restaurants list. They have a Fish and Chips Roll that is oh so good. It has flounder, malt vinegar, potato crisp and wasabi tartar sauce. What makes this roll so good is the different flavors and textures you taste with each bite. First you taste the wasabi tartar sauce, then the flounder, then the potato crisps and finally the rice. This is how serious I am about the fish and chip roll... I once waited for my waiter to leave my table before I ate my last piece. I was having a moment and wanted to enjoy every bit of my last bite and I didn't want to be interrupted! So after my waiter refilled my water and left my table I picked up my chopsticks ever so gently and picked up my last piece of fish and chips roll and put it in my month and closed my eyes and savored every single flavor. It was delicious (in fact I am reliving the moment right now lol!).


  1. Sushi is the bomb. After a disastrous first experience with sushi (I thought wasabi was a sauce) I tried it again in Tokyo and fell head over heels in love. I love sushi and there are some great places in the States to eat it but nothing compares to the motherland. It's worth the trip (one day). Great meeting you in Seattle!

  2. Going to Japan is on my bucket list and like you, I plan my vacations around food..lol...eating sushi will be at the top of my list of things to do.