Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Banana Pudding Parfaits

I collect dishes, serving ware, and just kitchen stuff in general. My house is full of plates, glasses, chafing dishes, platters and serving trays. You name it I have it. Some women collect shoes, I collect dishes.  I’m not quite sure if I should be ashamed or proud to admit that I have enough dishes to host a formal sit down dinner for 30 people without having to rent anything. Did I happen to mention that, I am single and therefore usually cooking for one…LOL

There is restaurant supply store near my house and the first time I shopped there I spent 2.5 hours in the store and I would’ve stayed longer if the store hadn't closed for the day.  I got some great deals (a 4 piece place setting for 12, a 2 piece place setting for 8, appetizers plates, casserole dishes etc.).

My last dish purchase was 4.5" footed dessert bowls from Crate and Barrel.  I love that store! The dessert bowls are so cute and at $2.50 a piece, how could I pass them up, so I bought 12.

I recently used the dessert bowls for the first time to make banana pudding parfaits.

The recipe I adapted from Nabisco, makes 3-4 parfaits depending on the size of your parfait dish. If you don’t have dessert bowls or parfait cups you can use small glasses instead. I like this recipe because each parfait is only 250 calories or 7 Weight Watchers Points+ values. It’s a lot healthier than the recipe I normally use which uses condensed milk and cream cheese.

Banana Pudding Parfaits

  • 1 large banana, cut into 24 slices
  • 2 cups 2% milk
  • 3/4 cup cool whip, plus ¼ cup for garnish
  • 1 small box banana cream or vanilla flavored instant pudding
  • 20 Vanilla Wafer cookies 
1. Whisk 2 cups of milk and pudding mix in medium bowl. Stir in ¾ cup of cool whip.
2. To make the parfaits, it does not really matter how you do the layering. The number of banana slices and vanilla wafer you use will depend on the dish you use and the look you want to achieve. My preference is to crumble 2 vanilla wafers into the bottom of the dish, layer with 3 banana slices, then ¼ cup of pudding. For the next layer, break 3 cookies in fourths or halves and place them on top of the pudding, layer with 3 banana slices and then add 1/3 cup of pudding and finish with a dollop of cool whip. Repeat. Chill and serve.


  1. I have this recipe from my husband's cousin's wife and use three boxes of pudding, 1 C. light sour cream, 1/2 a small container of cool whip, vanilla wafers and 5 -6 bananas. The top layer of pudding is "frosted with the remaining 1/2 container of cool whip. This recipe takes 5 cups of milk and the pudding is stirred until it thickens. She also said you could use sugar free pudding to cut calories more. Everyone that has tried this, wants the recipe.

    1. Thanks for the recipe. Sugar free pudding is a good way to cut more calories, I will have to try that.