Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I love to cook and I love to eat really good food.  A few months ago I had an aha moment. I was planning a menu for a small dinner party and I had no idea what to make. I can cook for 30 people with my eyes closed but for 6 people I was completely stumped. I realized I had few tried and true healthy recipes for a small group in my repertoire because I rarely cooked for myself. Why wasn’t I cooking, you ask. Well for several reasons, number one, I was always on a diet, so I mainly ate salads or baked chicken and veggies or at the other extreme always eating out. Number two, I wasn’t cooking for myself, I was waiting for my next party or family event to dust off my cookbooks. And lastly most recipes feed a family and not just one person, so what do I do with all the leftovers?  I realized I needed to change and begin cooking for myself and and start preparing the foods a I enjoy at resturants at home.  I joined Weight Watchers (a life style not a diet...lol) and I began taking cooking classes, which has taking my culinary skills to a whole new level.  I am finding that it is possible to eat the foods I crave in moderation and also in healthy ways. 

This blog will chronicle my adventures in cooking, eating and life as I search to satisfy my craving for something good.


  1. I really like this blog! Its fresh, purposeful, practical, and real! I like how not only do you give healthy recipes, but you share your personal story with it.. Cause let's be honest! Most of us do have some interesting stories around food. Thanks so much for this blog!

  2. Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. I wanted my blog to be different and not just recipes.